Types of Public Health Insurance and Social Security in Turkey 2021


Public Health Insurance in Turkey

There are many advantages of the health insurance system in Turkey, and it’s known for its inclusiveness of all working and unemployed groups, and its availability for all ages, plus it is easy to obtain. Different types of health insurance and social security in Turkey are there, governed by several factors, the most important factors out of them are nationality, Turkish or Foreigner, in addition to the level of income per month. In this article, we will mention in article the most important types of health insurance and social security provided by the Turkish government.


Types of Insurance in Turkey:

  1. Green Card Insurance (Yeşil Kart)
  2. General Insurance (GSS)
  3. Social Security Insurance (GSK-SSK)
  4. Bağkur Insurance


Green Card Insurance: (Yeşil Kart)

Starting from the beginning of 2012, the health insurance program called Green Card (Yeşil Kart) affiliated to the Social Security Corporation (SGK) began, and before that, there was similar insurance used to be extracted through the Qaemaqam, intending to provide free health services to needy families. The green card is intended for a specific category and exclusively for Turkish citizens and families in which the individual's share in the family is equal to or less than one-third of the total minimum wage, i.e. (3.577 / 3 = approximately 1192 Turkish lira). For example, if a family consists of three members, a husband, wife, and child, and the husband is the only breadwinner for this family with a minimum wage monthly salary of 3,577 according to wages for the year 2021, then the share of each member of this family is 1192 Turkish liras, which is one-third the minimum and based on that they can apply for a green card. One of the most important benefits of green card insurance is that it provides health services for free, but only public hospitals are entitled. All members of the family holding green card insurance benefit from medical services. However, the holder of the green card insurance does not receive any pension.

Note that the applicant should not have to have Bağkur insurance, which we will mention in detail later in this article.


Public Health Insurance: (GSS)

In the event that the individual's share in one family is more than one-third of the minimum wage, i.e., more than 1192 Turkish lira according to the year 2021, and upon verification and inquiry on the government official online website (E-davlet) and obtaining the result G60, then the type of general health insurance GSS is allocated to this individual. When there is no application submitted for obtaining Green Card Insurance, then the Turkish citizen is subject to the GSS. If a foreigner has resided in Turkey for a period exceeding one year and is not enrolled in any other foreign social security institution, can benefit from public health insurance on the condition of reciprocity, meaning that the foreign country provides similar insurance to the Turks there. The beneficiary of the public health insurance must pay 3% of the total minimum wage value (3.577 Turkish liras), and according to the salaries of 2021, he should pay 107.3 Turkish Lira per month. The beneficiaries of public health insurance are, father and mother, and children under the age of 18, in addition to children under the age of 25 if they are in secondary or university school, then they can benefit from public health services.

It should be noted that the income and bank statements for the applicant and all family members are checked after submitting the application.


Social Security Insurance: (GSK-SSK)

It is social and health insurance at the same time, meaning that it guarantees a good pension that supports a decent life for the retired person, also, it provides free health services and care, whether in public or private hospitals, with paying a small percentage of the costs of treatment in some private health hospitals. The retirement pension is collected after reaching a specified age (reaching the age of 55 years and achievement of 5 thousand working days, and in the case of those who were employed after the date of 9/8/1999, reaching the age of 60 and achieving 7 thousand working days). The worker and the employer participate in the payment of social insurance dues in varying proportions and shares according to the monthly income of the individual.


Bağkur Insurance:

This is unique insurance exists in Turkey only, and the Turkish government has set it up to include unemployed people in the public and private sectors, and for those who are not included in social security, such as craftsmen, housewives, and business partners. This type of insurance allows people to pay a monthly fee and benefit from the retirement system after paying for a certain period (15 or 25 years). There are many benefits of subscribing to Bağkur insurance like the free Medical check-up provided, and other than that paying only 20% of the costs of treatment. these services are available to the participants in the Bağkur insurance starting from the beginning of the paying process. This type of insurance is optional for those who do not have social security and want a pension.

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