The Most Important Public and Private Universities in Istanbul



Top Public and Private Universities in Istanbul


There are more than 200 universities in Turkey, 75% are governmental universities, and the 25% remaining are private, all of which follow the Bologna Agreement, which sets the criteria for obtaining a university degree in European countries. Moreover most of Turkish universities are participating in (Erasmus) program, which supports the exchange of students between the participating universities. Turkish universities were ranked 39th according to the evaluation of the strength of higher education curricula in QS ranking 2016.


State universities


1- Istanbul University 

It is an ancient public university, that is considered the oldest, and largest in Turkey. since its establishment dates back to 1453 AD after the conquest of Istanbul by the Ottoman army led by Sultan Mehmed II (Al-Fatih)
University classification: locally 6 - globally 769
University campuses: Fatih - Avcilar


2- Marmara University


Marmara University is the second largest university in Turkey, with a student population of about 60,000 students. Marmara University is unique as the only Turkish university that offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in four languages: Turkish, French, English and German.
Among the most famous graduates of this university is current President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who graduated from the Faculty of Economics, and Administrative Sciences.

University rating: locally 14 - globally 1198
University campuses: KadiKoy


3- Istanbul Technical University

Istanbul Technical University was founded in 1773, during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Mustafa III. Istanbul Technical University is considered one of the oldest technical universities in the world, as it has a long history spanning 250 years
University classification: locally 2-globally 567
University campuses: Maslak


4- Boğaziçi University Bosphorus University

The University of Bosphorus, built in the British engineering style, is located in the Bebek region and was established by American missionaries in the mid-nineteenth century. This university has had a significant impact on the modernization of political, social, economic, and scientific thought throughout Turkey. It was donated to the Turkish Republic in the early 1970s.
University classification: locally 3 - globally 594
University campuses: Besiktas


5- Yildiz Technical University

Public University, and the third oldest university in Turkey This university was founded in 1911 and is also considered one of the best universities in the country, Turkish and English language of instruction.
University classification: locally 16 - globally 1205
University campuses: Besiktas - Esenler


Private universities


1- Koç University

Koç University is a private, non-profit research university that offers a distinguished educational experience on a global level and is considered one of the best universities in Turkey, based on the Times Higher Education rankings in 2018, and Koç University contributes to raising the level of knowledge and services by offering 22 university programs and 29 masters And 30 PhDs.
The university is focused on contributing to the global group of knowledge and influencing intellectual, technological, economic and social developments on a global scale. The university has established a proven track record in the field of research, and obtained the largest number of research grants in Turkey from the European Union.
The summer of the university: locally 11 - globally 971
University campuses: Sariyer


2- Sabanci University

Sabancı University's mission is to grow and develop qualified and competent individuals who discover, innovate and add to the natural sciences, engineering, humanities, social and administrative sciences through innovative interdisciplinary research.
English is the primary language of study at the university.
University classification: locally 12- globally 1068
University campuses: Tuzla


3- Istanbul Aydin University

Istanbul Aiden University was founded by the Anatolia Foundation for Education and Culture (AKEV). The university receives students from all over the world, as it is one of the best Turkish universities that occupies a global position due to its contribution with its academic units in the scientific and technological fields at the local and international levels. It is also one of the universities recognized by the European Union and in a number of Arab countries, on top of these countries the Arab Republic of Egypt, Iraq and Jordan. Aiden is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education and the YÖS exam is not required to enter the university.
University rating: locally 45 - globally 1043
University campuses: Florya


4- Beykent University

Beykent University was established as a non-profit organization through the Celik Beckent Institution and began its educational programs in the academic year 1997 - 1998, and today the university includes 10 colleges, two institutes, 3 research centers, the Education and Employment Center and the Distance Learning Center. The university depends on its teaching on the Turkish language and the English language.
University classification: locally 87 - globally 3657
University campuses: Maslak - Taksim - Buyukcekmece

5- Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University

Sabah Al-Din University was established by the endowment of the publication of the flag that was established during the reign of the Ottoman Empire during the reign of Sultan Bayezid II, in a privileged location in the heart of Istanbul. Sabahuddin University is a leader of one of the best Turkish private universities that hosts thousands of students, including hundreds of international students. The university includes about seven colleges, at the head of which are the Faculties of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Business Administration and Administrative Sciences, and the College of Health Sciences. These colleges offer about 34 undergraduate programs, 57 master's programs and 20 doctoral programs.
University classification: locally 139 - globally 7946
University campuses: Halkali


6- Bahçeşehir University

The most famous university among international students in Turkey, whose main campus is located on the edge of the Besiktas coast in Istanbul, European, Bahcesehir University, which was founded in 1998
It is distinctive for her that she gives her students the opportunity to register for summer educational programs outside Turkey, in member institutions of the global education network, in Berlin, Batom (Georgia) or Washington.
The university uses English or Turkish languages to teach various disciplines
University classification: locally 47 - globally 2131
University campuses: Besiktas


Studying in Turkey has become a destination for many Arab and international students for several reasons
(Low costs - the global climate - easy access to the visa - comprehensive health insurance for students - the largest admission grant in the world offered in Turkey by number of students)

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