Permanent Residence Requirements in Turkey


ِAll You Need to Know about Permanent Residence in Turkey


The Permanent Residence in Turkey:

Turkish residency has become a demand for many people from different countries, since residence in Turkey provides facilities in several aspects, in terms of tourism, investment, education, and others. Residence permits in Turkey are varied, and probably the most famous ones are tourism, student, and others like the residence obtained by real estate investment. Some residents of Turkey wonder if they can change their residency type to long-term residence (permanent residence). But what is the permanent residence? And what the conditions required and how can you obtain permanent residence? We will answer these questions in this article.

The long-term residence permit is granted by the provincial administrations and with the approval of the Ministry of the Interior Directorate General of Migration Management that is associated with foreigners residing in Turkey. Among the most important conditions for obtaining it, is living in Turkey without interruption for a period of eight years. Moreover, fulfilling the policy set by the Immigration Directorate. It should be noted that permanent residence is not granted to asylum seekers, it is not granted as well to people with humanitarian residence, nor those with a subsidiary or temporary protection.

A foreigner who has permanent residence does not benefit from all rights of a Turkish citizen. Therefore, he is exempt from performing military service, does not run for elections or vote, and cannot import vehicles. But he has the rights related to the insurances.


Conditions Required for Permanent Residency:

After the foreign resident has stayed for eight consecutive years, and after the eighth year, he can apply for permanent residency, and he must fulfill the following conditions to apply for permanent residence:

  • Continuous permanent residence with no interruption for eight years
  • Not receiving any social assistance for the last 3 years
  • Proof of sufficient income
  • Valid health insurance
  • No threat to public security


Documents Required to Apply for Permanent Residence in Turkey:

  • Application for permanent residency
  • Sufficient income proof statement
  • medical insurance
  • A copy of the previous residency
  • A copy of the passport, along with the original or travel document
  • Two passport-size photographs
  • A document proving that the applicant did not receive any social assistance from any organization for the last three years
  • Not sentenced document
  • A residence address document


Reasons for Canceling the Permanent Residence in Turkey:

Long-term (permanent) residence permits are issued with no expiry date. Permanent residence in Turkey can be canceled by the Turkish government if the foreigner poses a threat to public security or if he has been outside Turkey for a period exceeding one year with no interruption unless there is a significant reason for staying outside Turkey such as compulsory military service in his country or other reasons related to health or education. However, those whose permanent residence has been revoked can request it again.

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