The stages of the Turkish citizenship application


It is possible for all candidates who applied for the Turkish citizenship through real estate investment to track their applications through the website of the Directorate of Population and Citizenship, and that by using the information of the final document (application number, date of application) which the candidates have obtained after applying all the required documents and fulfilling all the terms. In this article we will explain how to track the application of the Turkish citizenship through the website the explain what are the next steps after the online tracking.


Firstly, we will use the following link to track the application:


After clicking on the link we should fill the following information:


  • Fill the first field with the application number
  • Fill the second field with the date of birth of the applicant (investor)
  • Click on “ I’m not robot check box”
  • Click search (sorgula)


Different messages will be appearing on the screen according to every stage the applicant has reached. These messages appear according to the following sequence:


  1. Your file has been registered in the electronic citizenship system and procedures will start.
  2. Your file has been sent to the General Directorate of Citizenship.
  3. The file has been received by the General Directorate of Citizenship.
  4. The file has been sent for archiving and checking.
  5. The research and inspection phase is still on-going.
  6. The file will be added to the candidates group.
  7. The file has been added to the list which will be sent to the presidency of the Turkish Republic.
  8. The file has been sent to the Presidency of the Turkish republic for signature.
  9. The result of your citizenship file is under registration in the Turkish Directorate of population and citizenship.
  10. Request to visit the Directorate of General population to receive the final result of your application.




After visiting the Directorate of General population the candidate will be handed the certificate of the Turkish citizenship document, by submitting the following:

  • Photocopy of the passport
  • Investor residency permit
  • Two coloured photos.



The second step is to take an appointment from the sub- directorate of population of the related province to apply for the ID cards and Turkish passports.

At the sub- directorate of population, the applicants have to:

  • Submit 4 biometric photos for each member of the family
  • Pay the fees of the Turkish passport which varies according to the period of the document (from 6 months- 10 years).
  • Give fingerprints.

Every member of the family will be handed temporary ID documents until the original ID cards and passports reach their registered address.


P.S. for the candidates who live outside Turkey they can do all the mentioned steps at the Turkish consulate of their Country.







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